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Friday, October 22, 2010

morning sunshine saves my mother in dark hometown.

a blessing morning.^yesterday is a fruitful day. all things went smoothly as expected. in the morning i buzzed dad's old house but empty. then buzzed second elder brother, who simply told me mother getting better. i laughed&told him my budget of ¥20000 for mom's survival another 3 years in the world. he resolved&soon shut up. i worked in office immersed. then eldest brother buzzed in, told me my kid brother returned from his workplace, Guangdong, southern China, to Zhudajiu, &shifted mother to the best hospital in Wuxue county again. such a relief!! sins in office challenged me all day, but i more&more see the open space above the dirty land. left office an hour earlier than work time, for the sunshine is gloomy in later afternoon. in night in dorm, i reviewed the bravado of kid brother, &sins in my second elder brother, who twice sent me to asylum while my kid brother twice fetched me into normal world from torture&espionage&choking asylum in China nowadays. quite some secrets the elder brother kept away from me. i also saw the dark in mother's life&soul, while dad, God's silent efforts to save me in years sufficiently. in dawn dreamed of mother. also dreamed my baby son, or my kid brother, found infection in center of his palm, i penetrated with needle&found a worm inside. i picked the worm into my palm, which got infected at once, but disclosed the blister, a bird, or at least a mouth like bird's beak nested inside. i killed it with needle at once. waked up by cell's alarm, buzzed eldest brother&kid brother in hometown. expressed obligation to kid brother's financial support for mother's treatment, promised him my reward when my life renew&improved. slept again till near 9:40am, when baby son finished his music lesson nearby. rushed out of dorm to wait outside of the school, till we gathered, told baby son the workable of ¥1500 budget for his homework's digitization, explained him the merit of the solution. baby listened&raised some questions. after he&his grandma took bus, i returned dorm to fetch my work suite&join office. the restaurant near office with a sinful chef first time refused my debt lunch, its a bliss for me, so i lunched in another pub. God, i even urgent need a partner in my life here, bring my girls into our new marriage. God, let me taste the wine of hub of harmony family life again! i really missing it very much!


a milestone for mother in illness.^yesterday i kept busy most time. buzzed in the beginning of morning, eldest brother in hometown talked to me. i told him my plan of ¥20000 budget for mother's restore health&lives at least another 3 years. in office, i finished keeping alive family skype accounts, claimed a new one for China Democracy, the namespace God recently encouraged me to sustain. read all day, left office near 6pm till web stuff in pocket. a gay in dorm recently haunted around me, ignited my deep vomiting upon the ugly&sinful. buzzed baby&arrange weekend meeting up. i decided buzzing mother every morning in period of her staying bed. its a bright morning. elder brother just told me mother's situation improved. i laughed&emphasized my budget for them. God, bring me warmth of family, with my mother, with my beloved baby, with my girls i trying to reach out so long on the cyberspace, as well as for the emerging Empire of China reset for 1109 years in my title from my ancestor's bliss from God. God, i know, my new life just descends on horizon like morning star. fresh&saint is her name. God, u see.
BTW, found a photo of mother shot by amateur photographer equipped with DSLR cameras visiting the village, Zhudajiu. i hope i can find the source file. mother in focus of visiting amateur cameraer
its unique id is 058dc13b16c3c880954be4d3714b2aa5.


mother at hometown suffering Ascites&in lapse.^yesterday baby's mom, emakingir talked to me when online about a passing life of her colleague after 3 months suffering cancer. she suggested me buzz my hometown relatives. i buzzed mother first, but empty on other side in air. then i buzzed my young elder sister, who told me mother kept on bed for 3-4 days after returned from hospital. i buzzed mother again, the wife of my eldest brother there attending my mother received my phone, said hospital cost ¥3000 or more. buzzed second elder brother, he said mother likely dying, &suggested let it go&inform me if thing go worse. i buzzed my eldest brother, aiming to talk to mother via his cellphone for land phone is in another room from my mother currently settled, but empty again. i insisted buzzing dad's old house, and mother on her own received my phone about near 7pm. i urged her building stronger will power to survive, and our future can be even brighter as time&God brings forth. mother complained cold&we stopped chat in air. the night no doubt i saw many omens. before went to bed, i made of mind that i loan from my 2 elder brother ¥20000 for striking death away from our mother. in dawn, i buzzed to mother, eldest brother there talked to me, i told him i will write bill within coming 20 years for ¥10000 for mother, ¥5000 for 2 brother each, if mother survive the illness&aging for another 3 years. brother admitted it, told me an aunt&her daughter visiting my mother on bed. i tried to buzz younger elder brother but unavailable. i hope my message arrives the moment i decided.
God, its so brilliant a morning. Dad, i know u beside me. save my mother&let my world even stronger, let peace&glory surround my business here on the planet under ur shine! God, let me do the right&timeless life forever instilled in my beloved. God, bring my girls into my new life ahead, which must be more enjoyable in soul&materially. God, raise my mother above sins&ailments. God, be with me!
a bright&busy morning.^got up early to make water. woke up till sunshine redden the higher building outside of my dorm's window. buzzed eldest brother who attending in dad's old house about my support of ¥20000 in budget for mother's survival among her illness now threatening her life, in 20 years ahead. in office activated family accounts with video chat site, chattrspace.com, kept alive family accounts with skype&claimed some new for family newer namespace. done in shines. then buzzed younger elder brother about my financial wishlist against mother's failing upon aging&ailment. the brother not so appreciate my act&shut chat abrupt. God, save my mother&bring peace&glory in my world which so busy&meaningful. God, cast ur warm sunshine over my ailing mother in cold&suffering.

benzrad's comment on the day.

riots all over the mainland of China nowadays, burning pains in Chinese people.

killing cadre&cop, China's machine dog system, is the most urgent task for China nowadays. they can torn&swallow all Chinese on mainland as their prey.
靖西暴动(大图组图) - 人人网 校内- 日志分享 - blog.renren.com

saint and insane, suffering&laughing.

no one can save China mainland nowadays except the savor. sins&sink of China never clearer&dooming than this moment in this event of Dr. Fang's encountered.

even sad upon the miserable Dr. Fang, new hope of China as an Empire reset by me, benzrad, never more clearer&promising.




bright morning.^yesterday refined my blogger blogs' template, corrected wrong auto post. in night after dinner went out to receive baby son who had music lesson near QRRS Dorms. i talked to him about my efforts ahead to digitize his homework by installing tablet&printer, including his mom's old camera. his mom rebuff as usual but baby listened carefully&didn't comment. returned to dorm, reviewed the plan. join neighbor dorm&taught some pc skill, gays in&around let me have to clean myself by music from my notebook. in dawn dreamed one of my alumni, a Wang, with his fake wife visited me&tried to cheat us. my eldest brother also did. then in a cinema, the high rank in QRRS, a Zhou, with his wife in a joint chamber talked to me. his wife tested me with a riddle, turning out to let me fetch food for them.
its a brilliant morning. God, bring my new life with rich pleasure with my girls. let me act in free of short of money.

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