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Sunday, July 25, 2010

forever union with baby son, God of Universe.

yesterday is the day i treated baby son, warrenzh, owner of domain warozhu.com, second since my returned from hometown journey. i also bought myself a new pair of shoes i like from Fu-Mart. in my life i rarely bought myself clothes. before adulthood, clothes arranged by mother; early years after i worked from graduation, i put quite some of my deposit for kid brother's education, for my grand dad then dislike to hard labor work on stone product; in early years after married, the mother-in-law offered quite some old clothes of her second husband, a cadre just bankrupt his work unit. i in fact quite enjoy put on myself in my own taste or fashion. in the conjoined KFC, baby enjoyed KFC food as usual. i can be more glad to see he eating. his mom, emakingir, disliked cooking in her life so far, and baby son had to endure tasteless food, and grows a habit disliking routine meals, but snacks.
returned from shopping&snacking, i slept in dorm in afternoon sunshine. after woke up, i noticed a group of hooligans, about 8 men or more, lingered in the open space of the dorms babbling&poking&gambling for most of the day. they want to expand their influence over the graduates in the dorms. when i dial to report the high rank of QRRS on the unlawful&wrong management of the dorms' administration, the gangsters scattered. after dinner in the canteen, i rest on the bench again. soon an elder with a small bag approached me and asked where is the dorm. i told him but felt strange. then my cellphone reminds me time to join the preach in nearby church. the Priest elaborated a lot on Satan, let a demon aside me groan. after the preach i discussed it with the Priest, i told him i more glad to hear of faith and love from Bible. in dorm i slept as usual around 9pm, but visited a guy in the dorm who playing online shooting game. i was likely caught in nightmare, dreamed live with a foreigner, then in campus or office i can't move or stand up. i felt the evil of the old man in dusk in the dorm attempting to talk with me. then a sudden thunderstorm woke me up. its strong and speedy, i watched it a sight then slept again. i breakfast when i still pale in morning night, but it turns brilliant now since i joined office.
God, its my first time reunited with baby son, Hope of China, God of Universe, warrenzh, since u admits me pursue my new marriage from my second hometown journey and a short period lingering in his mom's house to attend him. God, let me sooner rest in my new home with my beloved girls, to carter baby son in best harmony and peace in soul. God, i trust u, bring my girls to my arms, we all in our best time now and to come.


visit baby son in his mom's home.^visit baby son as scheduled. backup new stuff, mostly pc games,from web to dvds. reviewed finance log with baby's mom,emakingir, who found some faults but finally likes the site,buxfer.com&started to make use of it. prepared new games on notebook for baby. lunched there but daunted by dinner which too simple. showered&made a contract with ema to pay her to wash my clothes every week.
enjoy talk with baby on air.^dined in dorms' canteen, with some shrimps. sorted infected os. buzzed baby twice for the elation of God's glory among us. slept later than 10pm&didn't brush teeth.


amend finance records.^read all day. dozed twice. d/l delayed me&left office near 6pm. dinner again not so satisfying. bought&ate watermelon after roamed outside. met the only Hubeier in QRRS near dorm's door. he talking on his cell, so i just evade him&enter my room. the first day i returned to dorm he called in for loan. during jog my shoes wrecked. buzzed baby's mom about the effect&surplus after i verified personal finance log on buxfer.com.
dreamed in love.^dreamed with my beloved girl, &brothers or pals, in a tour. we tried to attach fireworks onto balls in motion. a bit sleepy after got up. lingered&breakfast then join office, where the porter shown hostile yesterday when i arrived a bot earlier. its a quite bright morning.
check family google sites.^assess family assets, esp. that with google, like sites&blogspot. some broken linkages need actions but hold on. baby's mom, emakingir, let me query departmental clerk for reimbursement accord to corporate policy, i was told the clerk glad to let baby's grandma to fetch it like she previously did. hopeful i can do some replacement of worn shoes or clothing with the money. i promised ema buying her a electronic motorcycle.
check my brand online.^read&d/l all day. the facing demons tentatively/elicit shown gay tendency, one of them left lately. google my id&researched why my name appears in a joke site, pjoke.com, but can't find who input my name there with a praying heart. China surveillance also frequently blocked my googling amid. God, bring my girls to me sooner!

benzrad's comments on the day

World need see clear the impotent of nowadays China.

thx the author insightful review on technology in nowadays China, quite shocking but just assures my guess on the real source or potential of Chinese technology today.
China will never update itself under current social-political architecture, i can assert with any risk, for the ruling philosophy is hatred, rubbery, coward, dumping of Chinese traditional core ethic, like any long life society, honesty and diligence.
China in communism totally a miracle and disaster, like a cheat from its long time enemy, Russia, to bail out Chinese real treasure for sold cheap. Communism China is a dumping of torture, dark, stealth, and pouring out of dirt among eastern and western. its a death and abnormal.
China, in its best blessed, in title of Zhu, the last Emperor of last native nationality, steers into new Empire under God’s shrine&shine, for the glory of YHWH. a merging reality for most Chinese grows everyday on this scary land since its fall in Ming Dynasty, i vow i, benzrad, 朱子卓, my Royal of China, leading it.

Amplifyd from www.dapenti.com


xilei 发布于 2010-7-23 10:46:00






Read more at www.dapenti.com


the dorms' canteen turns worse.^d/l delayed me near an hour. the canteen again used bad food&hurt my teeth. rested on bench then haunted outside. drizzled some minutes when i passed by the place i met the QRRS high rank yesterday. bought sausage&ate in dorms open space. buzzed baby who unhappy with his mom&expressed my love. washed shirt manually for the dorms' laundry bankrupted. in music&felt fit.


dubious gawker around glory of Son.^read while d/l. dined almost on time. rest on the bench again. quite some dubious persons lingered around. the thunderstorm let many streets, including some in QRRS dorm covered with water. haunted outside then roamed in the open space of QRRS dorm. a cop surveillance me when i watched a collective dance. buzzed baby&slept before 10pm.
dreamed of my inauguration in dawn.^got up to make water among sound sleep. dreamed of my inauguration as Emperor of China. but my beloved girls seemingly didn't appear, but my sisters and some of my relatives join the ceremony. breakfast with porridge and buns. last night in jog met the high rank in QRRS, a Zhou, who also jogging with his wife. that reminds me life's passing and years biting&beating most people witness my growth, glory of God's way. its a sunny morning now.
read most day while d/l.^a busy day digesting news feeds. i felt so glad to see the dawn&online in the beginning of the day. listening online radio, which starts with a Japanese song, at noon break. the wrecked soul in facing desk at once interfered like a barking dog for lower volume. all afternoon enjoyed reading even among bites from the devil. God, im thankful for the day&what i done in it.

From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms
From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms
From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms
From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

early moon in dusk over QRRS.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, with his favorite KFC steamed corn stick.

most beloved Son, benzrad&warrenzh, 朱子卓和朱楚甲, 深情的神情。

Posted via email from zhuson, united US and China in one under God's shine. ╋中美一家神

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